Panels: Morning I (8:30-9:45)

Panel 1: Making sense in difficult circumstances (Moderator: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)

  • Kaes Vanderspek, Rhetoric and Media Studies: “Pragmatism and Harm: The Role of Willful Inaccuracy in Comparative Rhetoric” 
  • Georgia Reid, Environmental Studies: “Environment as Plural Public Realities”
  • Sally J. Goldman, Philosophy: “Un-deforming Desires: Feminist Accounts of Adaptive Preferences”

Panel 5: Diversity of Beings (Moderator: Michael Jordan)

  • Theodore Montgomery, Philosophy: “Ethical Philosophy & Artificial Intelligence; Functional Models & The Moral Turing Test”
  • Sophia Gauthier, Biology: “Getting to the Point: Characterizing Tooth Function in Deep-Sea Fish”
  • JahAsia Jacobs, Sociology and Anthropology: “‘I don’t think a life without debt is possible:’ Navigating Student Indebtedness, Restrictive Temporalities, and Embodied Debility among Lewis & Clark College Alumni”

Posters: Morning (11:00-12:15) (Moderator: Kwame Brown)

  • Quinn Orona Burgos: “Legitimizing of Ethnic Identification in Octavia Butler’s ‘Kindred’ ”
  • Sophia Auer: “Bearing Witness: Octavia Butler’s Kindred presented by Sophia Auer”
  • Allie Osgood: “Effects of Thrombospondin (TSP) on Neuromuscular Junction (NMJ) Structure and Locomotor Behavior in Drosophila Melanogaster Larvae”
  • Alexa Hanson: “Spontaneous Eye Blink Rate Correlates of Attentional Control For Food Cues”
  • Alexa Hanson, Elijan Hart, Hanna Wright:  “Exploring the Effects of Superhero Play on Prosocial Behaviors in Young Children”

Panels: Morning II (11:00-12:15)

Panel 2: Readings (Moderator: LeBron James)

  • Ben Glick, Mathematics/Computer Science: “Topic Modelling for Phylogenetic Analysis”
  • Emma Celebrezze, Religious Studies: “2003, A Space Oddity: Ilan Ramon’s Diary and the Religious-Secular Boundary”
  • Tallie Steiner, Hispanic Studies: “Tristeza en la Poesía: Examining Sadness through Mario Benedetti’s Triste nº1 and Ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche”

Panel 3: “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing” (Moderator: John Stockton)

  • Sherlock Ortiz, Political Science: “Reform or Revolution: Machiavellian Thought” 
  • Sally J. Goldman, History: “Daring to Struggle: The Student Antiwar Movement in Seattle, 1967-1970”
  • Toby Perkins, International Affairs: “Changing Course on Corruption: The Causes of Brazilian Anti-Corruption Legislation, 1994-2013”

Posters: Afternoon (1:00-1:45) (Moderator: Tim Duncan)

  • Julia Litz: “Mycology Collection Curation”
  • Jacqui Simmons: “Salticidae collections at Lewis & Clark college”
  • Tallie Steiner: “The Aves of Lewis & Clark College”
  • Sophie Dimont: “Tardigrades of Lewis & Clark College”

Panels: Afternoon (2:00-3:15)

Panel 4: Death and Memory (Moderator: Steve Nash)

  • Emma Celebrezze, History: “Men on the Moon: ‘Fallen Astronaut’ and the Cold War Context of NASA Memorialization”
  • Owen Fitz, Hispanic Studies: “Nostalgia and memory in the poetry of Antonio Machado”
  • Maya Escobar, Philosophy: “Automated Weapons Systems in Warfare: An ethical consideration”

Panel 6: Making A Difference (Moderator: David Robinson)

  • Hannah Rose Jay, Classics: “Bribes, Libations, and Community: Sacrificial Ritual in Aristophanes’ Peace”
  • Lauren Keegan, Philosophy: “The Ethics of Information and Data Privacy”
  • Emma Campbell, Biology: “Microclimate Effects on Conifer Seedlings in an Old-Growth Forest”

Dinah Dodds Endowment, other things (3:30-5:00)